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Miniature effect photos - tilt-shift effect (4)

Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape (Page 4)

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Playground Positive49   Negative review6

Water basin Positive29   Negative review8
Water basin

Walls in a castle Positive28   Negative review9
Walls in a castle

Country house in the Black Forest Positive27   Negative review2
Country house in the Black Forest

Country road with junction Positive27   Negative review5
Country road with junction

People at the airport Positive37   Negative review8
People at the airport

Resort in Fuerteventura Positive31   Negative review8
Resort in Fuerteventura

Albstadt Positive28   Negative review7

Schönmünzach Positive36   Negative review3

Water color games Positive54   Negative review3
Water color games

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