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Miniature effect photos - tilt-shift effect (4)

Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape (Page 4)

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Intersection in Munich Positive61   Negative review15
Intersection in Munich

Olympic Stadium Positive48   Negative review20
Olympic Stadium

Olympic Tower Positive46   Negative review12
Olympic Tower

Stadium ranks Positive36   Negative review21
Stadium ranks

Porto da Cruz Positive39   Negative review5
Porto da Cruz

Small boats Positive34   Negative review19
Small boats

Ribeira Brava (Madeira) Positive44   Negative review11
Ribeira Brava (Madeira)

Street in Funchal Positive47   Negative review16
Street in Funchal

Lavada on Madeira Positive38   Negative review12
Lavada on Madeira

Airport on Madeira Positive29   Negative review29
Airport on Madeira

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