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Miniature effect photos - tilt-shift effect (3)

Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape (Page 3)

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Boat on Malta Positive30   Negative review12
Boat on Malta

Bay / port Positive58   Negative review8
Bay / port

Garages on the water Positive41   Negative review13
Garages on the water

Small beach Positive40   Negative review10
Small beach

Restaurants in Valletta Positive57   Negative review9
Restaurants in Valletta

Yachthafen Positive39   Negative review4

Kocher Valley bridge A6 Positive17   Negative review22
Kocher Valley bridge A6

St. Peter and Paul, Reichenau Island Positive15   Negative review20
St. Peter and Paul, Reichenau Island

Colorful pins fence Positive26   Negative review18
Colorful pins fence

Jameos del Agua Positive56   Negative review9
Jameos del Agua

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