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Top 10 pictures. Miniature effect

Top 10 pictures. Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape

Schönmünzach Positive26   Negative review0

Water color games Positive40   Negative review2
Water color games

Jameos del Agua Positive25   Negative review1
Jameos del Agua

Lake in the Azores Positive11   Negative review0
Lake in the Azores

Glass pyramid Positive11   Negative review0
Glass pyramid

Art on the roof Positive9   Negative review0
Art on the roof

Colorful Bay Positive61   Negative review7
Colorful Bay

Tram on Rhine bridge Positive18   Negative review1
Tram on Rhine bridge

Bay / port Positive18   Negative review1
Bay / port

Crossing in the mountains Positive17   Negative review1
Crossing in the mountains