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Top 10 pictures. Miniature effect

Top 10 pictures. Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape

Water color games Positive54   Negative review3
Water color games

Tram on Rhine bridge Positive32   Negative review2
Tram on Rhine bridge

Schönmünzach Positive36   Negative review3

Country house in the Black Forest Positive27   Negative review2
Country house in the Black Forest

Lake in the Azores Positive17   Negative review1
Lake in the Azores

Playground Positive49   Negative review6

Lagoa Azul Positive16   Negative review1
Lagoa Azul

Porto da Cruz Positive30   Negative review3
Porto da Cruz

Colorful Bay Positive68   Negative review10
Colorful Bay

Bay / port Positive35   Negative review4
Bay / port