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Find out who you are

This test finds out your gender, your age, your height, your weight and your shoe size on the basis of some information

With this test, it is possible to judge a person on the basis of 19 questions. The following information will be charged in: Gender, age, size and weight. Also try it out and you'll see how to find much about you out.

1. Are you happy?
2. Do you like fast cars?
3. Do you drink much alcohol?
4. Do you like football?
5. Do you eat lots of fruits and vegetables?
6. Do you write letters to your friends?
7. Are you going shopping?
8. Is swimming part of your hobbies?
9. Is your eyesight good?
10. Do you frequently change your outfit?
11. Do you play basketball?
12. Do you often visit the Church?
13. Do you have problems with your back?
14. Are car trips for you pleasant?
15. Are you long time daily on the Internet(private)?
16. Do you have children of your own?
17. Do you have a strong sense of self?
18. Do you like rock music?
19. Is fun your profession?
I allow the storage of my data.
By answering the questions, the answers are stored completely anonymous. In addition, also the time stamp is stored.
A large knowledge database is created by storing the various information. This knowledge base will be used for future requests.
The data cannot be mapped to any person. The data is automatically deleted after 2 years. The knowledge base is not disclosed to third parties.
The deletion of anonymous data is only possible if all answers or the exact timestamp of sending off via via Contact form will be communicated.
Detailed information on the subject of data protection may in the Data protection declaration be found.