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Overview of all pictures. Miniature effect

Overview of all pictures. Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape

Trees on a mountainPositive102   Negative review26 Village industrial areaPositive61   Negative review44 Parked carsPositive60   Negative review28 FootpathsPositive63   Negative review24 Wooden footbridgePositive68   Negative review20 Arable landPositive53   Negative review21 Balingen-WeilstettenPositive63   Negative review14 Ship on Lake ConstancePositive79   Negative review30 House with LakePositive80   Negative review30 Parking at the beachPositive72   Negative review27 Big treePositive81   Negative review30 Street in the Black ForestPositive57   Negative review21 Stones in the gardenPositive53   Negative review31 Landesgartenschau in NagoldPositive50   Negative review18 Olympic villagePositive59   Negative review38 Intersection in MunichPositive68   Negative review17 Olympic StadiumPositive54   Negative review20 Olympic TowerPositive50   Negative review12 Stadium ranksPositive39   Negative review22 Porto da CruzPositive44   Negative review5 Small boatsPositive39   Negative review20 Ribeira Brava (Madeira)Positive56   Negative review12 Street in FunchalPositive53   Negative review19 Lavada on MadeiraPositive42   Negative review13 Airport on MadeiraPositive32   Negative review29 Botanical Gardens FunchalPositive54   Negative review14 Pico do ArieiroPositive36   Negative review13 Way for Rabaçal, MadeiraPositive37   Negative review9 Station Horb am NeckarPositive44   Negative review18 Train stationPositive33   Negative review20 PlaygroundPositive66   Negative review17 Water basinPositive40   Negative review15 Walls in a castlePositive35   Negative review15 Country house in the Black ForestPositive36   Negative review9 Country road with junctionPositive40   Negative review8 People at the airportPositive95   Negative review21 Resort in FuerteventuraPositive56   Negative review21 AlbstadtPositive57   Negative review14 SchönmünzachPositive57   Negative review12 Water color gamesPositive79   Negative review8 Colorful BayPositive89   Negative review11 CAPDEPERAPositive37   Negative review15 Motorway A8Positive65   Negative review26 Factory in AlbstadtPositive65   Negative review20 Traffic circlePositive66   Negative review24 Football fieldPositive61   Negative review16 Building complexPositive37   Negative review20 Residential areaPositive38   Negative review11 Construction sitePositive32   Negative review19 Albstadt-Ebingen - meadowPositive60   Negative review19 Basel cathedral courtyardPositive42   Negative review10 House in Basel with RhinePositive44   Negative review11 Colorful tilesPositive39   Negative review13 Tram on Rhine bridgePositive46   Negative review9 MeadowPositive24   Negative review23 Boat on MaltaPositive34   Negative review13 Bay / portPositive66   Negative review9 Garages on the waterPositive48   Negative review13 Small beachPositive44   Negative review11 Restaurants in VallettaPositive59   Negative review9 YachthafenPositive43   Negative review5 Kocher Valley bridge A6Positive19   Negative review23 St. Peter and Paul, Reichenau IslandPositive16   Negative review22 Colorful pins fencePositive31   Negative review18 Jameos del AguaPositive60   Negative review9 Facades of houses in UlmPositive28   Negative review14 Houses in UlmPositive23   Negative review9 Art on the roofPositive30   Negative review4 Glass pyramidPositive35   Negative review4 Island WerdPositive28   Negative review3 Road & mountainPositive47   Negative review11 Volcanic craterPositive51   Negative review8 Lake in the crater of the volcanoPositive32   Negative review7 Green fieldsPositive29   Negative review5 Lagoa AzulPositive26   Negative review2 Lagoa do FogoPositive22   Negative review1 Mountain roadPositive16   Negative review7 Large car parkPositive57   Negative review16 Coast linePositive35   Negative review9 Country roadPositive31   Negative review10 Crossing in the mountainsPositive30   Negative review8 River in the villagePositive30   Negative review6 Small town on the riverPositive30   Negative review6 Lake in the AzoresPositive30   Negative review4 Positive11   Negative review5