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Macro shots of everyday life and the nature

Detailed and approached zoomed shots of objects from everyday life and nature

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Hibiscus Flower Pink Positive20   Negative review2
Hibiscus Flower Pink

Das ist eine schön Blume
Positive1   Negative review0

Butt of a bee Positive11   Negative review8
Butt of a bee

Wood master Positive11   Negative review7
Wood master

Das ist ein holznasserung. Oder?
Positive1   Negative review0

Beetle team Positive5   Negative review13
Beetle team

Arizona Cactus Positive15   Negative review5
Arizona Cactus

Le immagini sono belle
Positive0   Negative review0

Potato tips Positive14   Negative review6
Potato tips

Commentlolig 11
Sind das nicht die, die man auch so zusammen-babschen kann? XD
Positive4   Negative review1

Caterpillar Positive12   Negative review5

Head bouquet Positive17   Negative review2
Head bouquet

Bubble transparent Positive14   Negative review6
Bubble transparent

Margarite on a stone Positive18   Negative review1
Margarite on a stone

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