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Miniature effect photos - tilt-shift effect (2)

Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape (Page 2)

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Crossing in the mountains Positive26   Negative review8
Crossing in the mountains

River in the village Positive25   Negative review6
River in the village

Small town on the river Positive26   Negative review6
Small town on the river

Lake in the Azores Positive26   Negative review4
Lake in the Azores

Positive9   Negative review3

Trees on a mountain Positive96   Negative review25
Trees on a mountain

Village industrial area Positive55   Negative review43
Village industrial area

Parked cars Positive56   Negative review25
Parked cars

Footpaths Positive59   Negative review23

Wooden footbridge Positive60   Negative review20
Wooden footbridge

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