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Miniature effect photos - tilt-shift effect (8)

Real pictures were equipped with the tilt-shift effect and now resemble a miniature landscape (Page 8)

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Balingen-Weilstetten Positive66   Negative review16

Ship on Lake Constance Positive86   Negative review33
Ship on Lake Constance

House with Lake Positive86   Negative review33
House with Lake

Parking at the beach Positive82   Negative review29
Parking at the beach

Big tree Positive89   Negative review30
Big tree

Street in the Black Forest Positive64   Negative review21
Street in the Black Forest

Stones in the garden Positive57   Negative review32
Stones in the garden

Landesgartenschau in Nagold Positive53   Negative review21
Landesgartenschau in Nagold

Olympic village Positive64   Negative review43
Olympic village

Intersection in Munich Positive77   Negative review20
Intersection in Munich

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