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Calendar functions

Various calendar functions such as a machine of the day or a day of the week calculator is provided here

Offers you the following calendar functions
The perpetual calendar for the month of August in the year 2050
Day calculator
How many days it's been already
Time calculator
How many years, days, hours and minutes there are between two dates
Day of the week calculator
Find out what day you were born for example
Calendar week calculator
Calculates the calendar week or when a calendar week begins
Workday calculator
How many working days or working days there are between two dates
Hours calculator
How many hours are between two dates
How long it is still up to the...
Special birthdays
Calculated special birthdays and occasions to celebrate like E.g. 10000 days
Name day
When is what day?
Calculate the sunrise and the sunset.
Unix time
Calculate the Unix time for computer programs