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Biorhythm - how is your present day form?

The Biorhythm is a rhythm that describes the shape of your day. The performance and the State of mind are subject to rhythms in humans.

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How do I interpret the graph?
A curve is located in the upper part of the central axis, so one is in the corresponding field in a "High", so in good shape. Is the physical line in the high, so one is in tip-top shape. Good mood is emotional in the high. An intellectual high means that one has many ideas and is particularly concentrated. A curve in the lower part of the central axis, it is in the corresponding field in a "Deep".
"Critical" in the appropriate area, those days, at which two curves meet on the central axis are very critical but the days where a curve meets the central axis,.
Biorhythms can not events "predict" or explain, you can say only something about how one is able to cope with these. Whether you believe in the biorhythms or not, is up to friends of course. Source:
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