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How many trees does the forest area?

The task of this puzzle is to calculate the number of trees in a wooded area. Are you coming to correct number of trees?

A new forest will be planted.
25 fir trees were seeded. After 5 years, they were so big that now 25 more acorns planted. Every time, when the Earth had 5 times orbiting the Sun, the trees began to sprout new germs, and the forest has evolved from alone. 1000 new fruits to the ground fell per year. Only 25 percent of the new fruits were a new tree inventory. 1 year before the recent trees were large enough to dump even fruit, there was a tree census. Only the Forester disappeared once a year with his axe in the forest and struck a tree, when the days were already on day 3. of get longer becoming.
You have to now take the tree counting.

1190 visitors have solved the puzzle. 51540 unfortunately still not.