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Mind reading: What symbol did you think?

These small tests are used to read your own thoughts. This mind reader finds out which symbol you thought

Pictures Symbols Numbers

1. think of a two-digit number (For example: 74)
2. pull off both occurring numbers from the original number (Example: 74 - 7 - 4 = results 63)
3.. search in the list the result and note the corresponding icon.
4. focus strongly on the symbol. Click on the box and read your thoughts.

104: Symbol103: Symbol102: Symbol101: Symbol100: Symbol99: Symbol98: Symbol
97: Symbol96: Symbol95: Symbol94: Symbol93: Symbol92: Symbol91: Symbol
90: Symbol89: Symbol88: Symbol87: Symbol86: Symbol85: Symbol84: Symbol
83: Symbol82: Symbol81: Symbol80: Symbol79: Symbol78: Symbol77: Symbol
76: Symbol75: Symbol74: Symbol73: Symbol72: Symbol71: Symbol70: Symbol
69: Symbol68: Symbol67: Symbol66: Symbol65: Symbol64: Symbol63: Symbol
62: Symbol61: Symbol60: Symbol59: Symbol58: Symbol57: Symbol56: Symbol
55: Symbol54: Symbol53: Symbol52: Symbol51: Symbol50: Symbol49: Symbol
48: Symbol47: Symbol46: Symbol45: Symbol44: Symbol43: Symbol42: Symbol
41: Symbol40: Symbol39: Symbol38: Symbol37: Symbol36: Symbol35: Symbol
34: Symbol33: Symbol32: Symbol31: Symbol30: Symbol29: Symbol28: Symbol
27: Symbol26: Symbol25: Symbol24: Symbol23: Symbol22: Symbol21: Symbol
20: Symbol19: Symbol18: Symbol17: Symbol16: Symbol15: Symbol14: Symbol
13: Symbol12: Symbol11: Symbol10: Symbol9: Symbol8: Symbol7: Symbol
6: Symbol5: Symbol4: Symbol3: Symbol2: Symbol1: Symbol0: Symbol