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Assignment of cabinets

The goal of this puzzle is the mapping of properties to the corresponding cabinets

There are 5 cabinets that stand side by side on a wall.
  • None of them is white
  • All primary colors are represented
  • The cabinets are different colours
  • A mouse and an elephant are in the Russian Cabinet
  • The Green Cabinet has only a neighbor who comes from Switzerland
  • The black cabinet has only a neighbour which is red
  • The Cabinet made of cardboard comes not from Central Europe
  • Apart from the Swiss cabinet is a blue cupboard
  • In the Bavarian Cabinet no fire is in there, but a CD
  • The Austrian Cabinet is the neighbor of the Germans and includes fire
  • The CD is not in the wooden cabinet
  • There is a Cabinet, which is made of plastic and includes a book and an Apple juice
  • The German Cabinet is constructed of stones and a neighbouring cabinet which includes a mouse
  • The plastic cupboard stands next to the wood cabinet and next to the metal cabinet where one comes from the neighbouring cabinets from Bavaria
  • The Cabinet, which now Burns is a neighbor of the Cabinet, which includes a book
  • The neighbouring Cabinet includes a CD

1154 visitors have solved the puzzle. 12851 unfortunately still not.