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Add your own picture at age guessing

Add here at age guessing your own image. So you find out how old other people evaluate you.

Do you know how old the others evaluate you?

(JPEG, max. 8MB)
Please note that the picture must depict your face and does not violate any rights (E.g. nude pictures, "Stolen pictures"). Also photos with text or logos are not suitable. Such images will be deleted immediately and the owner (User) cautioned.
Girl/boy of the month:
I allow the storage of my data.
The user allows the upload of photos, the information of the first name and age the publication on this Web site. The photo, first name, and the age are publicly accessible to all.
In addition the time stamp, the country of the user, as well as a temporary anonymous user ID is stored, to prevent abuse.
The initial assessment of the photos is done automatically via Azure Cognitive Services. Here are various criteria of the image as the example "Pornography" and "Person pictured" checks.
The deletion of the entry on this Web page with photo and all associated data may at any time via the Contact form be claimed. After a year the photo and all other data will be deleted.
Detailed information on the subject of data protection may in the Data protection declaration be found.
Another note:
The administrator of this page to decide which pictures will be deleted.