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Overview of all pictures. Duck

Overview of all pictures. A special duck Unveils her brilliant life. It shows your most beautiful pictures

That's mePositive515   Negative review168 I after bathingPositive250   Negative review99 I would like to up up/additionPositive198   Negative review101 I must also timesPositive223   Negative review76 Oh no, now I'll bit equal. Help!Positive234   Negative review67 I'm friends with big stars. Totally coolPositive263   Negative review68 Ihhh... It stinks in here somehow so bad! Funny, just where does that?Positive182   Negative review98 So honestly guys, I feel watched!Positive246   Negative review51 I can only to monkey, and even think monkey!Positive216   Negative review63 I'm so cool Hey duck-girlsPositive352   Negative review64 May I introduce, cow point and sheep woolPositive156   Negative review55 Sheep wool and I us so bad have love!Positive286   Negative review94 Krabbi, is full of arg on mePositive230   Negative review74 Here under my blanket, I got it all soft warmPositive190   Negative review71 I bought myself a new cool sunglassesPositive248   Negative review51 I and my hot PorschePositive274   Negative review59 Straight and I have leftPositive185   Negative review55 Around the world!Positive187   Negative review55 Here I am in the saunaPositive279   Negative review49 A healthy breakfast to start my Duck dayPositive172   Negative review62 I and my delicious nougat... Jam jam jamPositive201   Negative review52 It is indeed pretty cold, but here I feel so bad well! HihiPositive129   Negative review51 Japanese like me unfortunately particularly fondPositive250   Negative review97 I have of course a duck cell phone to call my Duck friendsPositive222   Negative review86 Ahhh how lovely :) almost like on Mallorca in the summer holidaysPositive192   Negative review77 Here, I look over my Duck landPositive188   Negative review63 A beautiful gift from my cow pointPositive139   Negative review69 And these are my aunts of gossip: Gudrun and AlfriedePositive163   Negative review48 I with my old friend Hans-PeterPositive164   Negative review46 I in the dangerous junglePositive170   Negative review47 I look so good... Front of my mirror I'm chic for the ducks ladies!Positive176   Negative review51 ... But in my Duck Pond I feel always still most comfortablePositive153   Negative review40 Caution! Risk of infection! Got the chicken pox and you itch so bad :(Positive152   Negative review45 Of course I own a PC, so that I can write with my Duck friendsPositive318   Negative review72 A picture from my Duck holiday. Mean summer I spent holidays in ItalyPositive231   Negative review64 Hoho Hoho, I bring many gifts love ducks kids at Christmas, with my reindeer RudolfPositive279   Negative review43 Mandy and her green carPositive128   Negative review47 I packed my suitcase, I'm going to my Mama duckPositive180   Negative review44 Huhu, do you see me? I'm the small and sweet MandyPositive174   Negative review50 I and my daughter Mandy, play catchPositive138   Negative review54 Catch another round... Mama duck is too slow hihiPositive117   Negative review40 I and the twisted BertaPositive157   Negative review33 Mr secret duck on a secret mission and I'm also doing... Ohh how excitingPositive170   Negative review46 All under the Palm trees at my Mama duckPositive97   Negative review41 My child Mandy gives me sometimes big headache!Positive270   Negative review79 Mandy, my brother and I at the daily SchönheitsschwimmchenPositive175   Negative review54 Yay, I got a birthday... Now I am already 10 ducks years old JuhuPositive129   Negative review53 Here I have unpacked just my gifts, which I got from my Duck girlfriendPositive112   Negative review43 Are duck-Anna, duck-Bernd and duck-TomPositive114   Negative review49 Duck-Anna, duck-Bernd, duck-Tom and I play duck PokerPositive259   Negative review31 Duck party! We make a Polonaise Positive146   Negative review33 Our Duck Club does the pyramidPositive144   Negative review28 Our chicken dancePositive113   Negative review32 At the Carnival, I was Harry PotterPositive217   Negative review36 After work, I hear cool duck to chill out musicPositive209   Negative review34 I'm also smartPositive239   Negative review63 Oh man, so a bad weather for ducks :(Positive173   Negative review80 I still have not found unfortunately my great love of ducksPositive153   Negative review55 On a quiet day, I sometimes like to play chessPositive153   Negative review61 My favorite drink Sinalco... So delicious it tastesPositive136   Negative review57 I with my handsome Majorca HatPositive138   Negative review43 And now you know still a friend of mine... My friend LeuchtiPositive196   Negative review32 About my own kind I'll let me wellPositive148   Negative review34 Me is so bad cold... wiiiwiiPositive90   Negative review47 I and the world's hottest homepagePositive109   Negative review50 Now I'm a top ster duckPositive104   Negative review39 Me and my big brother o' SAMAPositive177   Negative review69 Twiddle, me and my big brotherPositive146   Negative review50 Because I like to eat chips, I'm in like in the packagePositive163   Negative review41 I own a lot of ducks also moneyPositive162   Negative review43 I and my little sheep woolPositive149   Negative review33 Me and my friendPositive134   Negative review42 On my private carouselPositive204   Negative review35 I'm Nicholas of ducksPositive141   Negative review33 In the morning for breakfast, I read the newspaperPositive132   Negative review45 Here I play the ducks top St. Power really funPositive144   Negative review31 I and the snowman carrot nosePositive85   Negative review47 A cosy evening of duck, I'm watching ducks TVPositive214   Negative review60 And there, you can see my ducks girlfriend on TV. It is a ducks star and can sing super well. Is your current song "Yellow Duck"Positive168   Negative review59 Here I make calls with my grandma old duckPositive129   Negative review44 In this photo, you can see me in my hometown Horb am NeckarPositive122   Negative review41 That's my "Anti stress" Ball. I need him to rid the work stress Positive136   Negative review33 In the summer, Kai and I on a beautiful green lawn. Günter just goes homePositive113   Negative review39 Hello, that I am by my owner with the Internet address.Positive91   Negative review39 I'm just on and look at me funny ducks videosPositive121   Negative review39 A very rotziges Logo looks at me therePositive102   Negative review43 Uh-oh, I have a nice mess of cable in my apartmentPositive111   Negative review31 Hey sweetie, are you still a place free for me in your rose bath?Positive100   Negative review36 I drive just to go shopping, because I'm having a big party weekendPositive218   Negative review77 I know just not if I left now, just or right needs to get to the supermarketPositive117   Negative review58 My party is in full swing cool. My buddy Sven rocks full abPositive128   Negative review34 Also I would like to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program, and now find me a new car. Oh, that looks goodPositive101   Negative review48 This car looks but also super. Cool colorPositive100   Negative review43 Or however this car with a sporty designPositive93   Negative review35 Along the way, in my search... This guy thinks he's cool. Nabil. parking as I can as wellPositive93   Negative review35 Oh dear the decision what car I buy now is very difficultPositive86   Negative review34 I'm me once distracted, surf with a hot roundPositive98   Negative review48 And my Duck brother Georg is a game snorkelingPositive98   Negative review34 What color should I just take? Dark bluePositive113   Negative review34 RedPositive294   Negative review74 BluePositive223   Negative review66 Now I found my matching car! It is surely clear: Yellow. Yes. This is my new duck car juhuPositive276   Negative review43 Best friendsPositive144   Negative review41 I want to discover the worldPositive143   Negative review48 I like to be photographedPositive106   Negative review35 Whoever finds me?Positive124   Negative review40 Mhhh tangerinesPositive143   Negative review40 Tom friend game :)Positive153   Negative review44 The little one is funnyPositive99   Negative review33 My game ballPositive88   Negative review27 Once again a callPositive277   Negative review71 A common trip is always funPositive173   Negative review59 Together we paint pretty picturesPositive142   Negative review59 I can flyPositive239   Negative review62 Betting trialPositive118   Negative review46 As artists, we are wellPositive127   Negative review32 We are super!Positive135   Negative review46 What can I doPositive101   Negative review45 Detailed view of my headPositive142   Negative review57 My toy duckPositive111   Negative review39 Duck on track with spectatorsPositive97   Negative review31 Duck lovePositive215   Negative review71 Family dinnerPositive124   Negative review30 Crack the jackpotPositive137   Negative review50 Under the hood at the hairdresserPositive111   Negative review39 Duck family with Easter BunnyPositive105   Negative review28 Play duck GolfPositive109   Negative review37 Ducks circusPositive97   Negative review31 Ducks hold a rodPositive90   Negative review37 Ducks make headstandPositive99   Negative review26 Write with friends...Positive135   Negative review37 Surf flowerPositive90   Negative review30 Duck KissPositive92   Negative review33