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Are you a complete idiot?

This test is to imagine if you're a complete idiot? Note that some of these issues let but do not make sense to answer!

Here you will find out whether you're a complete idiot. Have fun!

1. What is Switzerland famous?
2. On which day is the Bundestag?
3. When Klara of birthday and blowing out the candles of Lili, who has birthday then?
4. If a rooster lays an egg on a roof on which side rolls it down?
5. What is the only son of Fabian's father the name of?
6. If burning 12 candles on a cake and you erase 5. How many candles remain then?
7. It's summer, you're standing on a small river and strawberries on a field located on the other side. How do you get the strawberries? Clearly you are swimming over. And what are you doing in the winter, when the river is frozen?
8. Lulu's father has three daughters Lala, Lele, Lolo and?
9. How old is the 56-year-old Werner?
10. Which curve is the straightest?
11. What hair color is in the pass of a bald?
12. Who is buried in the tomb of Goethe?
13. What rhymes not giant?
14. In which month, Russians celebrate the feast day of the October revolution?
15. How long did the hundred years war?
16. What color does Pink Panther?
17. If you walk 1 km in 5 minutes, how long do you need then in 5 minutes per kilometer?
18. Where does a man coming out of France?
19. How on this series? M D M D ...
20. How many federal States does Germany?
21. As Günther Jauch?
22. As Marlene Dietrich's last name?
23. How much hair does a man with a bald head?
24. Which of these names is not a pure woman's name?
25. Which Moon is the largest?
26. How many fingers does a normal person?
27. What is the difference between the helicopter and the helicopter?
28. What object does not fit into the series?
29. What is the mathematical circle number?
30. Which of these devices is not a computer?
31. How much is 1 x 1?
32. Which of these devices is not a radio?
33. Which of these items are there really?
34. Which of these countries does not belong in the EU?
35. Which of these cars is not a car?
36. What is the roundest?
37. Which of these people is the hardest?
38. What object does fit very well in this series?
39. Which line is the longest?
40. What does not belong in this series?
41. Which country does not belong in this series?

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